Flowers in Pocket


I am the stillness engulfed by rage
an ominous quiet after a heavy rain
the hope they could never take away
behold the evil I survived every day

He is the shadow that walks beside me
a gentle reminder of all I’m meant to be
Having left that cemetery long ago
I took our story to scarcely traveled roads

Violently gripping the sheets of my bed
soothing the thoughts inside my head
Breathing deeply, I drift in and out
trapped in the in-between
these memories are overwhelmingly loud

The frigid air to reveal a coming winter
a soft place to fall for an honest sinner
When you see me remember
through the darkest of nights I fought
I am the calm and the chaos



It looks like laundry piling up
spending days not getting out of bed
being irritated at every little thing
and feeling on edge

There is nothing beautiful
about having PTSD
but in it’s wounds
I found all the parts of me
that needed to be loved



To leaf through eyes of a gentle hue
I am the strength quietly beside you
The Soul-stirring silhouette
past a creaking gate
in a rather insidious place
we amuse the violent & deranged

In a series of miscalculated steps
our love descended into unforgiving depths
If you ponder how far you might fall 
melodious violins will guide you
to a decomposing hall

Lost in the silence designed
to erode a beautiful mind
In the darkness of a star filled night 
the strength you seek
is in the stillness of her eyes

You couldn’t fall far enough
To alter or distort the origins of my love
Contrary to the belief of inferior fools
I walk alone, bathed in the light of Neptune



She remained beautifully in her truth
Oh, how she tried to convince the sociopath
she was human too
but that’s like planting flowers in the snow
and waiting for them to bloom